Cayman Arts Festival

Cayman’s Students Find Passion with Music

Cayman’s Students Find Passion with Music

February 20, 2018 6:40 am

Some of Cayman’s most talented young musicians recently took part in the Cayman Arts Festival.

And for these students music is not just a hobby it’s a part of their lives.

“It makes you express yourself, it makes you express your emotions and it gives you a sense of balance, it gives you freeness of mind and it makes you have a bit more stability, work and no play makes nobody happy right,” said Mark Plowright.

The John Gray High School student said he has been playing music for three years.

Mr. Plowright said, “Well when I was growing up my dad he bought me a guitar and from then on I kept on loving music in general. I play the piano, I play the saxophone, I play the guitar and the organ.”

While he did not win gold at this year’s Cayman Arts Festival, he said the experience will help him grow.

“This year I told myself I’m going to do a much more harder piece. I’m gonna push myself even more harder and I just recently learned a piece this year…went to the competition and I got a silver. I wanted a gold but however I learned that it was my first time doing that high of a caliber of a piece so I learned from my mistake,” said Mr. Plowright.

Fellow student Cameron Gilson said music drives him.

“How much I can get out of it how much I can grow from it. I can make a career from it if I wanted and I just want that itch to know more and more to play the hardest stuff to learn Chopin,” said Mr. Gilson.

While it pushes him, he said, music is also therapeutic.

“Music brings me a cheerful feel. It bring me memories of my dad just showing piano at the start and just like imagine he’s sitting next to me,” said Mr. Gilson.

Two talented Caymanian musicians using music to better themselves.

Source: Cayman27

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