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The Cayman Arts Festival (CAF) concept was born when the internationally acclaimed “Micallef – Inanga” piano duo was invited to perform in Grand Cayman. Following their performance in 2001, the duo decided that the most appropriate response to the overwhelmingly positive feedback that they received was to create a unique festival primarily for the benefit of the Cayman Islands community.
Incorporated in 2003, CAF was originally formed as a three day event, committed to bringing world class offerings ranging from classical music to opera and jazz, while ensuring music education was among its core purposes. All visiting artists conduct workshops, master classes and/or concert demonstrations for the educational benefit of Cayman’s youth. These days, still following their original vision, and with a lot of work and support from sponsors and dedicated volunteers, CAF produces a two week annual festival, as well as piano concerts and other ad hoc events during the year, an afterschool programme, and many different projects that serve more than 250 musically inclined students.

We hope that after you have browsed our website, you will have a clearer picture of what CAF means to the Cayman Islands community, and we look forward to welcoming you to one of our events very soon! In the meantime, click here to check out our documentary - 2020: A Retrospective.

Dedicated to bringing world-class performing arts to the Cayman Islands to
inspire, entertain & educate.


Thanks to the generosity of sponsors, Cayman Arts Festival has been providing extra-curricular instrumental tuition to students from a number of Government Primary Schools across the island for the past five years. These group tuition lessons have targeted students who are musically inclined and have a passion for music, and with instruments provided by Cayman Arts Festival, the results have been spectacular.


Over the years, CAF has been able to present to its devoted audience a significant number of great performers such as Wayne Marshall (pianist, conductor, organist), Glen Inanga (pianist), Jennifer Micallef (pianist), John McLaughlin Williams (pianist, Grammy Award winner), the Juilliard Jazz Ensemble, Cambridge Ensemble, Canadian Brass, Peter Dugan (pianist), String Fever Quartet, Harlem Gospel Choir, soloists of the London Philharmonic Orchestra with the Cayman National Choir, Amy Dickson (classical saxophonist), Danny Driver (pianist), Sodi Braide (pianist), Ingrid Schoenlaub (cellist) and many, many more.

Since 2016, more events have been added to the festival agenda. As CAF continued to invite more talented musicians to the Cayman Islands it became clear that the annual events held in February could not always accommodate visiting artists’ schedules. To ensure that no one would miss out on extraordinary performances that may not be available during the festival weeks, events were added in the autumn, with a major event held in November each year. Among the invitees were Elizabeth Pitcairn (violinist), Catrin Finch (harpist), Sheku Kanneh - Mason (cellist) and Isata Kanneh - Mason (pianist).

In 2016, CAF also began a piano concert series and have presented performances from pianists such as Allie Cortens, Glen Inanga, Matei Varga, Rebeca Omordia, Adam Heron and recently, Martin Roscoe, with all proceeds going toward various projects of the CAF after school programme.

APR 2024


SoNoRo Cayman Islands 2024

Cayman Arts Festival is proud to partner with the SoNoRo Festival in presenting esteemed classical music in the Cayman Islands. The festival is committed to nurturing an appreciation for intimate ensemble performances, offering educational opportunities in classical music, and providing audiences with exposure to world-class musicians on prestigious stages. The SoNoRo Festival embodies an extraordinary cultural celebration centered around promoting the artistry of chamber music.

Marking its inaugural debut in the Cayman Islands, the SoNoRo Festival brings together some of the most esteemed classical musicians (see below) of our time for a weeklong extravaganza from April 9, 2024, to April 12, 2024. This event promises to be an engaging and enlightening educational experience for our community.

To cater to diverse audiences of all ages, each day of the festival features a distinct concert held at various locations, including Jasmine Villa, George Town Public Library, St. George’s Anglican Church, and John Gray High School Performance Hall.

The concert themes include:

Healing Through Music at Jasmine Villa: A serene and soulful concert tailored for healthcare workers and patients seeking a moment of solace and rejuvenation.

Opening Concert: Fruit of Silence
Tuesday, April 9th (6pm - 7pm)
- by invitation only -

Calming Music in the Corporate World at George Town Public Library: Grand and mellifluous Baroque tunes performed live at the workplace, offering enjoyment to employees and the public alike.

On a Cloud
Wednesday, April 10th (6pm - 7pm)
Tickets - USD 30 (Adults), USD 15 (Students)

Traditional Music for the Community at St. George’s Anglican Church: Familiar classical pieces performed for the delight of the audience, evoking a sense of nostalgia and appreciation.

Bohemian Rhapsody
Thursday, April 11th (7pm - 8pm)
Tickets - USD 30 (Adults), USD 15 (Students)

Youthful Vibrance at John Gray High School: A lively and uplifting concert featuring modern elements, culminating in a memorable performance by the CAF String players and SoNoRo artists, bringing the festival to a delightful close.

Finale: Avanti
Friday, April 12th (5pm - 6pm)
Tickets - USD 25 (Adults), USD 10 (Students)


Alexander Sitkovetsky (violin)

Alexandra Tirsu (violin)

Valentin Radutiu (cello)

Jose Gallardo (piano)

Razvan Popovici (viola)

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These events were made possible thanks to grants from the Aall Foundation and the Cayman National Cultural Foundation, alongside generous financial contributions from private donors.

Cayman Arts Festival has welcomed many high calibre international performers
as committed to education as they are to the arts.
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